Wanna know what we hate about Internet Service Providers?

They don’t always include ALL the costs (like having to buy a Router or Modem), they try to force you into long contracts and they provide "uncapped, unthrottled internet" that isn't really uncapped or unthrottled… they just call it "shaped".
Lots of hidden conditions and way too many techno mambo jambo fancy words!

We're making it simple...

We offer 3 packages;

* The not so secret terms and conditions or fine print:
Refundable deposit of R1000, Installation of R700

No cap, no throttle, fast as fibre internet, available on a month-to-month contract and with no hardware costs. So you can download or stream or play online as much as you like and know you’ll never have to pay a cent more.

Business Client? Give us a call and let’s discuss a package that suits your unique needs.

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